Open Baffle Project

Update: These were dismantled and replaced by a completely different design. After some critical listening I decided that neither bass response nor treble was to my full satisfaction. 
I am trying another attempt with Betsy. This time with helper woofers, a DSP acting as a crossover and equalizer and two stereo amps.

I have used the MDF from my previous OB project. Baffle size is 120 x 46 cm. The woofers are Eminence Alpha 15 A. The full-range speaker is a Wildburro Audio Betsy. The DSP is a 2x 4 miniDSP in a box.

As an initial setting I crossed over at 200 Hz with 24db Linkwitz Riley. The bass channels are boosted by 10db. I have also applied a high shelve filter of -3 db from 2 kHz.

An initial soundcheck in the garage (see pictures) was promising. I currently run them 24/7 to break them in. I will then measure and further equalize them as required.

Biggest problem currently is WAF. My SO ( significant other) was not impressed with the looks of them……





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