Tubelab SSE (Simple Single Ended)

I started to put together the Tueblab SSE.

I decided to put all parts on the underside of the board, as it will be mounted underneath an aluminum top plate later.

I used Kiwame or Mills resistors and Mundorf Gold / Silver / Oil coupling capacitors.

All transformers are Tribute Audio. A recommendation from the diyaudio forum.  The OPT are C-core 5k primary / UL and 4/8 ohm secondary. One power transformers C-core, shielded 0-240 volt primary and 375-0-375 and 5 volt secondaries. Another power transformer C-core, shielded 0-240 volt primary and 0-6,3 volt secondary. Choke also C-core. All are potted and powder coated.

For the board I used either Mills or Kiwame resistors and Mundorf Silver / Gold / Oil capacitors for the signal path. Aux cap is also Mundorf Tube Cap.

The enclosure is maple wood, oiled. Top plate is 3mm aluminum matt spray painted using heat resistant paint that one can also use on a BBQ. I made the holes with a 35mm hole punch and a special drill for the noval.

Below some photos:

L1010652 L1010659 L1010654 L1010653






9 thoughts on “Tubelab SSE (Simple Single Ended)”

  1. How is the project going? I’m starting out on my own version of the SSE, am in Belgium. What choke and opt did you select if I may ask? My power supply is a Hammond 374BX I have lying around, B+ is maybe a bit on the high side but we’ll see what full wave tube rectification and a choke can accomplish.

    Have fun and good luck!

    1. I finished it recently. I am using Tribute Audio transformers, chokes and OPT all around. All are C-Core, potted and powder coated. The choke has got 6 Henries and 64 Ohms DC resistance. I am putting up more pictures right now.

      Good luck with your project! It is a wonderful amp!

  2. Hello Michael,
    I started admiring your SSE build again and though I do not claim to be an electronics guy I just realized you did not build your amp conventionally by using one power transformer and two output transformers. Can you explain why you configured your build the way you did with the transformers you used? Was the end result the way you expected it to be as far as sound quality?

    Thank you,


    1. Hello Blake,

      This is a conventional build (in a way). The only difference here is that the 6.3 volt power transformer came as a separate. So there are two output transformers, one choke and two power transformers (one 6.3 volt secondary and one dual secondaries 375 / 375 volts as well as 5 volt).
      Hope this helps. I don’t think that the is any sonic advantage / disadvantage. It is just the way my custom transformers were built.

      Kind regards


  3. Very nice build, I am planning my build, just ordered the SSE pcb.
    I was thinking on using a toroidy PT and edcor CXSE25-8-5K as OT.
    I would love to have tribute OT, but the site mentions accepting No orders.
    What tubes did you use?
    Can you give me some tips on this?

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