Chipamp LM3886 reloaded

I finished another chip amp kit I bought at Chipamp. The base of the cabinet is made of 18mm bamboo plywood. The top plate is 3mm aluminium, a custom order from Schaeffer AG. In the US their subsidiary is called Front Panel Express. The construction is fully dual mono. Inside the cabinet are two 300VA,… Continue reading Chipamp LM3886 reloaded


Gainclone LM3875 – updates

I made some changes to my Gainclone amp. Because of the two powerful 400va toroidal transformers, the fuses used to blow, when switching the amp on. I also had occasional hum on the right channel. Additionally, a fellow from the forum suggested electrical safety measures. I implemented the following changes: - a soft start… Continue reading Gainclone LM3875 – updates

Gainclone LM3875

After my first Chipamp I felt encouraged to build another one. This time it was supposed to be a Gainclone and this time also in a proper case - not just a couple of MDF boards like the first one. So I set out to order a kit at Audiosector. The kit is of great… Continue reading Gainclone LM3875

LM3886 – My first chipamp

While browsing the web for a suitable DIY speaker project I came across the terms "Gainclone" and "Chipamp". I browsed a bit through German and US websites and ordered a kit at Although I have never built one before, I managed to solder the pieces together in a few hours. The instructions provided by… Continue reading LM3886 – My first chipamp