Tubelab SSE (Simple Single Ended)

I started to put together the Tueblab SSE. I decided to put all parts on the underside of the board, as it will be mounted underneath an aluminum top plate later. I used Kiwame or Mills resistors and Mundorf Gold / Silver / Oil coupling capacitors. All transformers are Tribute Audio. A recommendation from the… Continue reading Tubelab SSE (Simple Single Ended)

Bottlehead S.E.X. 2.1 Amplifier

I have started to assemble my Bottlehead S.E.X. Single Ended eXperimenters kit. This amplifier drives headphones and sensitive speakers. I bought the kit including the impedance as well as the C4S upgrade options. Here are pictures of the build: Impedance switch Constant current source Top plate Completed underside Upper side

Preamp SP14 Tubes4Hifi

I started a new project to build another preamp. I very much like my Bottlehead Quickie, but it has only two inputs and having to change cables to listen to another source is not really great. Since I was very satisfied with Bob Latino's VTA ST70 power amp, I decided to go with Tubes4Hifi's SP14… Continue reading Preamp SP14 Tubes4Hifi

Dynaco ST 70 finished

The amp is mostly finished and playing nicely. On the last mile I needed a bit of support from Bob Latino. Bob was very kind to support me and promptly replied to my email inquiries. When I switched the amp on for the first time, without earth connected to the chassis, I measured 227 volt… Continue reading Dynaco ST 70 finished